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Dehydrogenation Molecular Sieve

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Product Description

Industrial gas is called "industrial blood", and "fluidization" is an important direction of gas industry development. High vacuum multi-layer insulated container is widely used in the low-temperature storage and transportation of industrial gas because of its excellent thermal insulation performance. Air leakage in high vacuum multi-layer insulated container is the main factor to destroy its vacuum degree. Among them, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum foil, cellophane and other materials account for 70% - 80% of the leakage gas (the main component is H2) and are not easy to be adsorbed, so H2 is the key factor of vacuum damage. The traditional palladium oxide dehydrogenation agent is expensive and incompatible with oxygen, resulting in poor safety.

Silver molecular sieve is a new generation of high-efficiency hydrogen absorbing material applied to the vacuum interlayer of high vacuum multilayer insulating container. It can effectively adsorb the slowly released H2 from carbon steel, stainless steel and insulating materials, so as to ensure that the interlayer always maintains ultra-high vacuum. Silver molecular sieve adopts new small grain molecular sieve synthesis technology, fully crystalline molecular sieve carrier forming technology and active silver ion loading and activation technology, so that it has excellent mechanical strength, hydrogen absorption rate and hydrogen absorption capacity at the same time.

At the same time, silver molecular sieve is compatible with oxygen, has good safety and significant cost advantage, and is an ideal substitute for palladium oxide.



Silver molecular sieve is a crystalline silicon aluminate loaded with active silver ions and has developed microporous channels. In the dehydrogenation process, H2 first enters the microporous channels of silver molecular sieve through physical adsorption and contacts with silver ions. Then, the active silver ions in the channels of silver molecular sieve catalyze the reaction of H2 with any form of oxygen to produce H2O, which is firmly adsorbed by molecular sieve, and finally realize the purpose of dehydrogenation.










Particle Size




Crush Strength




Bulk Density








Package Moisture



50o 2h





Heat Resistant





Silver molecular sieve is sensitive to light to avoid the self reduction of active silver ions caused by light and weaken the deoxidation performance of the product. The product is packed in brown glass bottle. Considering the convenience of use, 500ml brown glass bottle is selected; Or aluminum foil bag can be used for vacuum packaging;

In order to avoid the charge transfer caused by the adsorption of water on silver molecular sieve, which will affect the stability of the product by the interaction between Ag ion and oxygen (Ag-O bond} in the skeleton, the inside and outside of the brown broken glass bottle cap are closed;

In order to avoid damage to glass bottles during transportation and storage, foam packaging is applied.

Can be packed according to customer requirements.




Due to the different production processes and operations of various manufacturers, the consumption of jlha-100 is generally 10-15 times that of palladium oxide, and there is no need for activation before use;

It is recommended not to use under strong light irradiation;

After weighing the amount to be used from the original packaging during use, the packaging bottle / bag shall be covered / sealed immediately, and the single bottle / bag shall be used up in a short time (= 8h) as far as possible;

When using silver molecular sieve, it is recommended to add it at the normal temperature end of the insulation layer;

If the vacuum vessel needs to be overhauled and opened, it is recommended to add fresh silver molecular sieve dehydrogenation agent, reseal and vacuum;


If the package is damaged during transportation, please do not use it. Take photos at the first time and contact our company