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Hot melt Butyl Insulating Glass Sealant

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Product Description


1. low moisture vapour transmission rate for a longer IG unit life

2. Very low gas permeability

2. Acts as a thermal break

3. Also can use as a spacer bar adhesive

4. Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, galvanized steel and metal.


Technical Characteristics:

Appearance: Black Paste

Density: 1.10 g/cm3

MVTR: ≤0.1 g/m2 per day for 2mmfilmat 25℃ 100%RH

Heat resistance:-40℃+80℃,keep shape no change in 20 hours

Extrude Temperature: 180-195℃

Construct Temperature: Above 5℃, keep the Surface clean, dry and free of grease

Peel resistance

≥ 6N/mm

Gas permeability

≤  0.01g/m2h

Water vapor transmission rate

≤ 0.2g/m2d

Volatile content

≤ 0.7%


approx 25 1/10mm



Round or Square shape, Net weight 6.5 kg / barrel or

Can make customized package.



It is non-dangerous and it could be delivered by transportation methods such as truck, train, boat and plane, etc.



Guaranteed storage period is 12 months in the original packing, in dry storage facilities at temperatures between 10 Celsius and 30 Celsius. Do not store under direct sun.