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Single Composition Silicone Structural Sealant

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Product Description

Product Description 

This sealant is single neutral, room temperature curing, high performance structural sealant for construction, it has no influence in ultraviolet radiation, sun, rain, ice, snow or high temperature. The construction could keep essence unchanged from -10℃ to 50℃, it could still keep flexibility, never vulcanize and fracture after curing time from -50℃ to 150℃.

Executive Standard: JC/T882-2001


Product Characteristics 

Don’t need drop priming, it has strong adhesive force to major construction material after curing, but the surface must clean and no oilless.

Outstanding weather and aging performance resistance

It can’t react to other material or rust action, it could use at once, don’t need mix activator or other raw material.


Main Purpose

This single component silicone structural sealant can be used in the structural assembly of construction curtain: used in major construction material; such as glass, aluminum material, stone material, metal material, including most fluorocarbon baking material, don’t need drop priming, it has outstanding cohesiveness.


Technical Data (For reference)



Technical Data



Exquisite, symmetrical cream, bubble, blocking, gel.


Surface dry time(H)



Extrudability, S




Vertical placement


Horizontal placement

Not distort


Hardness, shore A



23℃ Tensile cohesion

Tensile cohesive strength MPa


most tensile strength %



23℃ Tensile modulus MPa



Elongation 20%


Elongation 40%



Recommendation for Use

Make material compatibility test before use, it could be constructed only if it is according to the construction requirement.

Paste the low adhesive tape on protection part: trimming and remove adhesive tape before sulfuration of the sealant.

Cut open nozzle, press the glue gun to nozzle, structural sealant is good contact with nozzle.



1. the non-curing structural sealant could release volatility substance, breathe high concentration volatility compound cause damage to one’ health in long term, so the working place should keep good ventilation.

2. the non-curing structural sealant can’t contact with skin in long term, If it enter into eyes, it must immediately clean by plentiful of clean water and go to see a doctor.


Color and Package

Color: black, white, transparent, or any other colors that required by customer.

Soft Package: 590ML    composite membrane   20 pcs/carton    



Please keep in the place below 27℃ to extent the validity period of product, the validity period is 12 months.


Transportation Method

This product is non-dangerous goods, it could be transported by train, vehicle, ship and airplane.