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Butyl Sealant for Insulating Glass

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Product Description

Product Introduction

Silwall type sealant is single composition, solvent free,which is based on butyl rubber and polyisobutene, the first sealing has excellent bonding performance to glass, aluminum alloy after heat pressing.


Product Characteristics

It has excellen cohesiveness, solvent free and outstanding uvioresistant performance, it has outstanding bonding performance to aluminum and glass material, widely range of operating temperature.


The Main Technical Data

The following data is for reference only.


black, smoothly, symmetrical glue mud without visible particle





It could constantly use for 20 hours under controllable temperature, not powdering, not stiffen, not lose viscous, not break down.

Dew point

Conformity testing according to GB/TO20-86

Bonding performance

It has excellent bonding performance with glass and aluminum product.

Solid content


Ultraviolet irradiation fogged performance

No fog


The Main Purpose

This product mainly used for insulating glass, as the first sealing collocation with the double component polysulfide and double component silicone sealant to form a double seal.


Recommendation for Use

。keep the dryness and clean of bonding interface without grease substance.

。it must be used with extrusion equipment for the manufacture of insulating glass, the temperature range is from 90℃ to 135℃.

。the construction temperature can’t less than 5℃.



Please make the compatibility test between material and base material


Product Package

Fiber container package: 7kg/barrel, 6kg/barrel, 4kg/barrel, 2kg/barrel

Note: it could be order according to customer’s requirement



Please keep in the place below 27℃ to extent the validity period of product, the validity period is 24 months.


Transportation Method

This product is non-dangerous goods, it could be transported by train, vehicle, ship and airplane.