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Warm-edge Spacer bar

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Product Description

What is a Warm Edge 

At the edge bonds, a “Warm-edge Spacer bar” is created between the double glazing panes with the help of spacers. This creates a space filled with inert gas or air between the glass panes, a key factor for the insulating efficiency of the glazing. The spacers create a linear thermal bridge of considerable length within the window component. When metal profiles are used, thermal heat is more or less released into the atmosphere – along the entire transition area between glass and window frame.

    This loss is not only reflected in a building energy balance, but also leads to a cooling of the inside surface temperature along the glass edge – i.e. the edge becomes cold. If the surface temperature sinks below the dew point temperature of the surrounding air, condensation will develop – a comfort and hygiene flaw which consumers frequently object to. Apart from the health risks posed to residents, long-term condensation can also cause damage to the window frame.

1. Energy saving 

Lower heating costs through better insulation: the thermally improved Warm-edge spacer bar excels with an optimised heat transfer resistance. The heat transmission coefficient is at least 0.1 W/m2K lower than that of conventional aluminium spacer bars. Reductions of up to 0.3 W/m2K can even be attained. The result: the high tech spacer bar enables heating costs to be reduced by up to 5%. That is easy on the wallet, and with reduced CO2 emissions, also on the environment. 


2. Comfort 

Due to the superior isolation characteristics of Warm-edge Spacer bar, higher temperatures are maintained at the edges of glass panes – significantly reducing the risk of condensation forming. This, in turn, reduces the buildup of harmful mould and mildew on the window. Higher temperatures at the edge of the pane also mean less cold radiation, ensuring more comfort inside and a healthy indoor climate


3. Aesthetics 

The high-quality plastic of Warm-edge Spacer bar in combination with a unique colour range means you can design each window and any to perfectly suit your tastes. The attractive look brings a velvety, matt finish, without any shiny metal effects.

Warm-edge Spacer bar, the perfect optical matt surface finish for your insulation glass.

No irritating reflection by sun rays on the surface.

Optimum colour concept for all windows thanks to the wide variety of colours available for Warm-edge Spacer bar.

Choice of colours available.


4. Environmental protection 

Lower heat requirements through better insulation –Warm-edge Spacer bar saves energy. This benefits the environment in several ways. Unneeded energy must not be extracted, transported, supplied and processed. This not only saves resources but also decreases the level of CO2 emissions in these areas.


5.Technical Data:


Attention: Now we can supply is 20mm*7.0mm

6. Cost-effectiveness 

Warm-edge Spacer bar is cost-effective in two ways. On the one hand, no investment (or only minor investments) is necessary for processing. On the other hand, the consumer`s pay-back time is only 5 years or so on average. With rising energy costs, this time period is reduced even further. Thus the use of Warm-edge Spacer bar represents a very sensible investment in terms of energy conservation, comfort, aesthetics and environmental protection.


7.Technical advantages 

Excellent thermal insulation thanks to optimum material composition.

Warm-edge Spacer bar is the best product on the market.

Maximum reduction in condensate formation on the window thanks to Warm-edge Spacer bar, the best thermal product on the market.

Optimum processability thanks to the rigidity of the reinforced fibreglass plastic featured in Warm-edge Spacer bar

Same geometry as standard spacers made of aluminium or stainless steel, for example. Accordingly, machinery already in place does not require conversion.

Optimum product characteristics for the production of triple glazing – the parallelism of both spacers is the foremost quality criterion.

Warm-edge Spacer bar can be used in all applications – whether for skylights, facades, structural glazing or standard insulation windows.


8. Tested and approved to  

UV-resistance: tested by means of long-term tests and confirmed after 10 years in practice.