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Usage Of Molecular Sieve


Refrigerator and Air Conditioner

Drying of refrigerant



Double glazing window (air drying)

Dehumidifier (air drying)

Curtains and carpets (materials deodorization)



Molecular sieve for PSA O2/Oxygen generator (separation of N2 / O2 in air). PSA type cycle for high purity Oxygen.

Packaging material for medicines and test agents (air drying, materials deodorization )



Air conditioner (drying of refrigerant)

Air brake (air drying )

Lithium battery electrolyte (drying / purification of materials)


Convenience store

Bento container (removal of resin odor 


Water Treatment

Purifier (removal of pollutants)


Oil refinery

Reformer (removal of chlorine compounds)


LPG purification for aerosols

LPG refining equipment (removal of sulfur compounds, etc.)


Air plant

Raw material air refining equipment (air water / CO2 removal)



Exhaust gas purification device (removal of VOCs in exhaust gas)


Power plant

Electric barrier (drying of insulating gas)

Wastewater treatment equipment (removal of radioactive substances in contaminated water)