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Why choose acrylic?


High Transparent Shiny & Smooth

The light transmittance up to 92% to 93%, and it is renowned for "plastic Crystal";

And the transparence almost not affected by thickness;

So acrylic Box/acrylic case is ideal to show your products, particularly cosmetics.


Strong and Tough

Shock resistance of Acrylic Case is 16 times that of ordinary glass;
55 times that of crystal.


Light Weight

Acrylic Display Case weights about half of common glass and 23% of crystal, so costs less for transport.


Non-poisonous, Environmental Protective

Acrylic product is harmless for your health even if you exposure of Acrylic products for long term;
And it is recyclable.
Many kinder gardens use acrylic to replace glass on window and fence for its harmless and shock resistance.


Easy to Clean

To clean Acrylic Display Box,you simply need a piece of soft cotton cloth and some soap water.


Not only clear, more colorful choice

There are a arrange of colors of acrylic plates from 2-40mm to meet colorful needs,also acrylic monomer or

tiny acrylic particles to plastic injection.