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From Mar. 6 - Mar. 9, Hefei silwall building material Co.,Ltd attended the Turkey Glass Exhibition 2019 in istanbul.

From Mar. 6 - Mar. 9, Hefei silwall building material Co.,Ltd attended the Turkey Glass Exhibition 2019 in istanbul.


Address: Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı Gümüs Caddesi 4 Harbiye 34367, Istanbul 


Exhibition an annual event of industrial gas industry With its annually increased number of exhibitors and visitors, this event has won higher appraise from exhibitors and visitors. 


About Silwall Building: the professional zeolite molecular sieve manufacturer which supply the best product to all over the world for more than 18 years, Our product is widely used in gas industries such as cryogenica air separation, industrial&medical oxygen generation (PSA/VPSA/VSA), PSA hydrogen purification, natural gas & LPG sweetening, air dryer, refrigerant dehydration.


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